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Retina Partners Midwest P.C. clinical trials meet the rigorous standards of the United States and are registered with the National Institutes of Health. We specialize in the following:

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Retina Partners Midwest are experts in performing a wide range of diagnostic services and procedures.

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Our team members have diverse experience in ophthalmologic services.

Doctor Maturi

Raj K. Maturi M.D.

Macula-Retina-Vitreous Services

Doctor Saxe

Stephen J. Saxe M.D.

Macula-Retina-Vitreous Services

Doctor Shah

Ankur M. Shah M.D.

Macula-Retina-Vitreous Services

Retina Partners Midwest, P.C.

What is a Clinical Trial?

People enroll in clinical trials to receive the latest treatment for their condition, have additional care and attention from clinical staff, and help researchers find better treatments for future patients.

Clinical trials are an integral part of medical advances. Medical researchers are essential in the development of new methods for preventing, detecting, and treating diseases. Trials are designed to find new ways to use existing treatments, new drugs, surgical procedures and devices.

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