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Retina Partners Midwest, P.C.

10300 N Illinois Street, Suite 1060
Carmel, IN 46290

555 County Line Road, Suite 102 Greenwood, IN 46143

608 E Boulevard, Kokomo, IN 46902

To Schedule an Appointment, Call Us: 317-817-1414

Please complete the forms below and bring them to the office to expedite your care. In most cases, new patients will spend 2-4 hours in the office for evaluation, testing, and possibly treatment. Please bring a snack if you have diabetes.

Please download the following:

For those patients with uveitis (iritis or ocular inflammation), please also download the following file:

Please allow 3 hours for the initial appointment and up to 2 hours for the follow-up.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes or eye makeup on the day of your appointment, especially if any eye treatment is being considered.

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